Christiaan Hendrik Persoon

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Christiaan Hendrik Persoon

Christiaan Hendrik Persoon (born 1 February 1761 in Cape Town, died November 16, 1836 in Paris), was a Dutch botanist and mycologist.

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(List of works may be incomplete)

  • Persoon, C.H. 1800: Observationes mycologicae. Lipsiae, 2: 71. Mycobank MB192645 reference page 
  • Persoon, C.H. 1805-1807. Synopsis plantarum,(seu Enchiridium botanicum, complectens enumerationem systematicam specierum hucusque cognitarum). Parisiis Lutetiorum : C.F. Cramerum. (BHL)

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