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ICZN Article 16.2. Family-group names: type genus to be cited. In addition to satisfying the provisions of Articles 13-15, a new family-group name published after 1999 must be accompanied by citation of the name of the type genus (i.e. the name from which the family-group name is formed).

According to my interpretation of the English language, to cite something is more than just to mention it. To cite it is to mention it as something. For example, to cite a reference is to mention a publication as a source of one's information. So, to cite a type genus is to mention a genus as type genus, therefore the phrase 'type genus' (or clear equivalent) must be used. In fact, there is very rarely any ambiguity or doubt as to what the intended type genus is. IMHO, it would have been better to treat the very rare exceptional cases individually, rather than create a general rule which is often misinterpreted. My interpretation of article 16.2 is disputed by some (including even some ICZN commissioners!) However, many taxonomists already take the sensible option of removing any doubt by explicitly stating what the type genus is intended to be. Stho002 22:54, 26 February 2010 (UTC)