Carolus Linnaeus the Younger

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Carolus Linnaeus, Linnaeus filius

Carolus Linnaeus the Younger (January 20, 1741 – November 1, 1783), Swedish naturalist, son of Carolus Linnaeus and Sara Elisabeth Moraea.

  • Standard IPNI form: L.f. (outdated: L.fil.) (Linnaeus filius, i.e. "Linnaeus the son")

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  • Linné, C. 1782 ["1781"]. Supplementum Plantarum systematis vegetabilium editionis decimae tertiae, generum plantarum editionis sextae, et specierum plantarum editionis secundae. [XVI]+468 pp. Impensis Orphanotrophei, Brunsvigae [Braunschweig]. BHL Reference page. 

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