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Carl Colton Branson (September 15, 1906 - August 27, 1975), US geologist and palaeontologist

Taxon names authored

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  • Branson, C.C. 1936: New name for a Morrison ostracode genus. Journal of Paleontology, 10 (4): 323.


  • Branson E.B., Branson, C.C., 1941: Geology of Wind River Mountains, Wyoming. AAPG Bulletin, Volume: 25, Issue: 1. (January), pages 120-151.


  • Branson, C.C. 1942: Correction of homonyms in the Lamellibranch genus Conocardium. Journal of Paleontology 16(3):387-392.
  • Branson E.B., Branson, C.C., 1942. Sequence of Ordovician conodont faunas in Kentucky and adjacent states. Bull. Geol. Soc. America.
  • Branson, C.C. 1942: Parallelodon, Grammatodon, and Beushausenia (= Cosmetodon, new name). Journal of paleontology.
  • Branson, C.C. 1942: Type Invertebrate Fossils of North America (Devonian).: Pelecypoda: Conocardiidae. Wagner Free Institute of Science. Philadelphia.



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