Boris Evseevitch Bychowsky

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Boris Evseevitch Bychowsky

Boris Evseevitch Bychowsky (Russian: Борис Евсеевич Быховский, 14 August 1908 – 26 January 1974), Soviet parasitologist, specialist of fish parasites, especially Monogenea.

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List of principal works[edit]

  • Dogiel, V. A. & Bychowsky, B. E., 1939: Паразиты рыб Каспийского моря ["Parasites of Fish of the Caspian Sea"] DJVU file in Russian
  • Bychowsky, B.E., 1957: Моногенетические сосальщики, их система и филогения DJVU file in Russian ["Monogenetic Trematodes. Their systematic and phylogeny"]. Akad. Nauka. USSR. English translation by the American Institute of Biological Science, Washington. (1961) 509 pp. DOI: 10.5962/bhl.title.7475


  • Kobulej, T., 1974: In memoriam B. J. Bychowsky (1908–1974). Parasitologia Hungarica, 7, 11-12. (PDF, in Hungarian)
  • Caballero y Caballero E., 1974: Boris E. Bychowsky 1908–1974. Revista de Biología Tropical 22(2): 203. [in Spanish]
  • Prost, Maria, 1974: In memoriam: Prof. Borys E. Bychowski (1908–1974). Wiadomosci parazytologiczne, 20(4): 657–659. [in Polish]
  • Scarlato, O.A., Strelkov, A.A. & Lindberg, G.U., 1976: Boris Evseevich Bykhowsky (1908–1974). Biologiya Morya (Vladivostok), 1976 (2), 7-9 + 3 pl. [in Russian]
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