August Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach

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August Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach

August Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach (April 17, 1814 – May 9, 1879), German botanist.

Standard form: Griseb.

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  • Grisebach, A.H.R. 1859–1864. Flora of the British West Indian Islands. XVI+789 pp. Lovell, Reeve & Co., London. BHL Reference page. 
  • Grisebach, A. 1860. Plantae Wrightianae, e Cuba orientali. Pars 1. Pp. 153–192. Cantabrigiae Nov. Angl. [Cambridge, Boston]. Preprinted from Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, ser. 2, 8: 153–192. 1861. BHL Reference page. 
  • Grisebach, A. 1866. Catalogus plantarum cubensium exhibens collectionem Wrightianam aliasque minores ex insula Cuba missas. IV+301 pp. G. Engelmann, Lipsiae [Leipzig]. BHL Reference page. 

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