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Allen Eddy Greer, Australian herpetologist.

  • Herpetology Section, The Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia.

Taxon names authored

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  • Greer, A. E. 1979a. Eremiascincus, a new generic name for some Australian sand swimming skinks (Lacertilia: Scincidae). Records of the Australiam Museum 32: 321–338.
  • Greer, A. E. 1979b. A phylogenetic subdivision of Australian skinks. Records of the Australian Museum 32: 339–371.
  • Greer, A. E. 1979c. A new species of Lerista (Lacertilia: Scincidae) from northern Queensland, with remarks on the origin of the genus. Records of the Australian Museum 32: 383–388.


  • Greer, A. E. 1983. The Australian scincid lizard genus Calyptotis De Vis: resurrection of the name, descriptions of four new species, and discussion of relationships. Records of the Australian Museum 35: 29–59.
  • Greer, A. E., K. R. McDonald, and B. C. Lawrie. 1983. Three new species of Lerista (Scincidae) from northern Queensland with a diagnosis of the wilkinsi species group. Journal of Herpetology 17: 247–255.


  • Greer, A. E. and H. G. Cogger. 1985. Systematics of the reduce-limbed and limbless skinks currently assigned to the genus Anomalopus (Lacertilia: Scincidae). Records of the Australian Museum 37: 11–54.


  • Greer, A. E. 1986. Diagnosis of the Lerista bipes group (Lacertilia: Scincidae) with a description of a new species and an updated diagnosis of the genus. Records of the Western Australian Museum 13: 121–127.


  • Greer, A. E. 1990. The taxonomic status of Lerista aericeps Storr 1986 with a diagnosis of the Lerista orientalis species group. Records of the Western Australian Museum 14: 443–448.


  • Greer, A. E. 1992. Revision of the species previously associated with the Australian scincid lizard Eulamprus tenuis. Records of the Australian Museum 44: 7–19.



  • Greer, A. E. and G. Shea. 2000. A major new head scale character in non-lygosomine scincid lizards. Journal of Herpetology 34: 629–634.


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