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Allan Frost Archer (January 22, 1908 – 1994, fl. 1940–1971), U.S. arachnologist, entomologist and malacologist.

Taxon names authored

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  • Helicostyla subcarinata archeri Clench, 1936 (Holotype: Mus. Comp Zool. no. 96474, Tres Reyes Islands, S. W. coast of Marinduque, Philippine Islands. P. de Mesa collector, 1934. Wm. J. Clench.)


(List may be incomplete)

  • Archer, Allan F. 1946. The Theridiidae or Comb-footed Spiders of Alabama. Museum Papers of the Alabama Museum of Natural History 22: p. 31
  • Archer, Allan F. 1940. The Argiopidae or orb-weaving spiders of Alabama, Museum Papers of the Alabama Museum of Natural History
  • Archer, Allan F. & Clench, W.J. 1930. New Land Snails from Tanganyika Territory. Occasional Papers of the Boston Society of Natural History vol. 5, pp 295–300, 1 plate
  • Clench, W.J. 1936. Helicostyla subcarinata archeri, new subspecies. Nautilus 49(4): 140–141, pl. 8, fig. 5.


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