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Alan Bridson Cribb (born 1925), Australian botanist and phycologist.

Standard IPNI form: Cribb

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  • Cribb, A.B. 1960. Records of marine algae from south-eastern Queensland. V. University of Queensland Papers, Department of Botany 4: 3–31, 9 pls. Reference page
  • Cribb, A.B. (1964) "Notes on Trentepohlia from Queensland : including one growing on spider" University of Queensland Department of Botany – Papers 4(9): 99-108. Reference page
  • Cribb, A.B. 1965. Anfractutofilum umbracolens gen. et sp. nov., a freshwater red alga from Queensland. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland 76: 93–95.
  • Cribb, A.B. 1965. An ecological and taxonomic account of the algae of a semi-marine cavern, Paradise Cave, Queensland. Papers from the Department of Botany University of Queensland 4: 259–282. Reference page
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