Nora C. Scutari

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Nora C. Scutari   (Scutari)

Lichenologist (Argentina)

Address in 2004:

Centro Nacional Patagónico, CONICET, Boulevard Brown s/n,
CC 128, 9120 Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina

Published author of:

Hyperphyscia cochlearis Scutari, 1997
Hyperphyscia coralloidea (Lynge) Scutari, 1991
Hyperphyscia coronata Scutari, 1997
Hyperphyscia pseudocoralloides Scutari, 1997
Hyperphyscia variabilis Scutari, 1991
Hyperphyscia viridissima (Müll. Arg.) Scutari, 1991