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Otto Finsch, 1905

Friedrich Hermann Otto Finsch (October 8, 1839 – January 31, 1917), German ethnographer, naturalist and colonial explorer.

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  • Finsch, O. 1877. Reports on the collection of birds made during the voyage of H.M.S. Challenger. No. IV. On the birds of Tongatabu, the Fiji Islands, Api (New Hebrides), and Tahiti. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1877(III): 723–742. BHL Reference page
  • Finsch, O. & Meyer, A.M. 1885. Vögel von Neu Guinea, zumeist aus der Alpen-region am südostabhange des Owen-Stanley-Gebirges (Hufeisengebirge 7000-8000' hoch), gesammelt von Karl Hunstein. I. Paradiseidae. Zeitschrift für die gesammte Ornithologie 2: 369–391. BHL Reference page
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