Stefan Niesiołowski

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Stefan Niesiołowski

Stefan Niesiołowski (born 4 February 1944), Polish entomologist and dipterologist.

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  • Niesiolowski, S. 1986a. Two new species of Hemerodromiinae from Poland (Diptera, Empididae). Entomofauna Vol. 7, No 24: 349-356. PDF
  • Niesiolowski, S. 1986b. Diptera of the genus Hilara Meigen (Empididae, Brachycera) occurring in llie Świętokrzyskie Mountains in Central Poland. Fragmenta faunistica Vol. 30, No 6: 63-97. PDF
  • Krysiak, I. & Niesiolowski, S. 2004. Wiedemannia pieninensis, a new species of aquatic empidid (Diptera, Empididae) from Poland. Aquatic Insects Vol. 26, No 3-4: 143-146.


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