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Stanley B. Mulaik (1902-1995). American zoologist (Isopoda, Arachnida, Reptilia)

  • University of Utah
  • Several taxa co-authored with wife Dorothea D. Mulaik (1900-1996)

Taxon names authored

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Eponymous taxa[edit]


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  • Gertsch, W. J. & S. B. Mulaik. 1939. Report on a new ricinuleid from Texas. American Museum Novitates 1037: 1–5.



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  • Chamberlin, R. V. & S. B. Mulaik 1942. On a new family in the Notostigmata. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 55: 125–132.


  • Mulaik, S. B. & D. Mulaik 1943. New Texas terrestrial isopods with notes on other species. Bulletin of the University of Utah 34(3): 1–15.


  • Mulaik, S. B. 1945. New mites in the family Caeculidae Bulletin of the University of Utah Biological Series 8(6): 1–23.


  • Mulaik, S. B. 1947. Mesostoma from Utah. American Midland Naturalist, 38(3): 768


  • Higgins, H. G. & S. B. Mulaik 1957. Another Caeculus from Southwestern United States (Acarina Caeculidae). Texas Journal of Science 4: 267–269.


  • Mulaik, S. B. & D. M. Allred. 1961 New species and distribution records of the genus Caeculus in North America Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 56(1): 27–40.

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