William Allport Leighton

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William Allport Leighton (1805–1889), botanist and mycologist.

IPNI standard form: Leight.


  • Leighton, W.A. (1880) New British lichens. Ray Society.
  • Leighton, W.A. (1879) The Lichen-Flora of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Ray Society. Reprinted 2009, Cornell University Library. ISBN 1112331727
  • Leighton, W.A. (1877) New Irish lichens. Ray Society.
  • Leighton, W.A. (1854) A monograph of the British Graphideae. W.A. Leighton.
  • Leighton, W.A. (1851) The British species of Angiocarpous lichens, elucidated by their sporidia. Facsimile.
  • Leighton, W.A. (1841) A Flora of Shropshire. J. Van Voorst, London. Reprinted 2013, Book On Demand Ltd. ISBN 5518497849
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