Janet E. Marsh

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Janet E. Marsh   (J.E.Marsh)   Canadian lichenologist

Calgary, Canada

Published on species of Niebla

Selected publications[edit]

  • Marsh, J.E. and T.H. Nash, III. 1979. Lichens in relation to the Four Corners Power Plant in New Mexico. -The Bryologist 82: 20–28. [1]
  • Vitt, D.H., J.E. Marsh and R.B. Bovey. 1988. Mosses, Lichens & Ferns of Northwest North America. Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, Alberta, and University of Washington Press, Seattle. 296 pp.
  • Timoney, K.P. and J. E. Marsh. 2004. Lichen trimlines in northern Alberta: establishment, growth rates, and historic water levels. The Bryologist 107(4): 429–440. [2]