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Jan-Peter Frahm (14 February 1945 – 5 February 2014), German bryologist.

IPNI standard form: J.-P.Frahm

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  • Stech, M., Frahm, J.-P. & Frey, W. 2000. Molecular relationship of Treubia Goebel (Treubiaceae, Treubiopsida) and high taxonomic level classification of the Hepaticophytina. Nova Hedwigia 71: 195–208.
  • Damayanti, L., Muñoz, J., Wicke, S., Symmank, L., Shaw, B., Frahm, J. & Quandt, D. 2012 Common but new: Bartramia rosamrosiae, a "new" widespread species of apple mosses (Bartramiales, Bryophytina) from the Mediterranean and western North America. Phytotaxa 73: 37–59. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.73.1.6 Paywall ResearchGate Reference page

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