Gerard J. M. Verkley

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Gerard J. M. Verkley (born 1963), Dutch mycologist

Author abbreviation: Verkley

Authored taxa[edit]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Aptroot, Cand. and Verkley (1997) Two fungicolous species of Gelatinopsis (Leotiaceae, Ascomycetes) from France, with G. septata sp. nova. Nova Hedwigia 64: 155–160.
  • Verkley, G.J.M., Zijlstra, J.D., Summerbell, R.C. and Berendse, F. (2003) Phylogeny and taxonomy of root-inhabiting Cryptosporiopsis species, and C. rhizophila sp. nov., a fungus inhabiting roots of several Ericaceae. Mycological Research 107(6): 689–698. [1]

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