Flora indica

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  • Title: Flora indica
  • Abbreviation: Fl. Ind., ed. 1832
  • Full name: Flora Indica; or Descriptions of Indian Plants, by the Late William Roxburgh. Edited by William Carey, D.D., to Which are Added Descriptions of Plants More Recently Discovered by Nathaniel Wallich. Serampore, West Bengal, India
  • Authors: William Roxburgh
  • Publisher: Serampore: Printed for W. Thacker & Co. Calcutta, and Parbury, Allen & Co. London
  • Series/dates: 3 vols., 1832: 1, 14 Jan 1832; 2, 1832; 3, Oct-Dec 1832
  • City: London

Preceded by: Flora Indica; or Descriptions of Indian Plants


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