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Eduard Friedrich Eversmann (born January 23, 1794 in Wehringhausen, Germany, dead April 26, 1860 in Kazan, Russia), was a German botanist and zoologist. He was born in Westphalia and studied at the German universities of Marburg, Halle, Berlin and Dorpat.

In 1828 he was appointed professor of zoology and botany at the university of Kazan in Russia. His lepidopterous collection was bought by Russian Grand Princess Elena Pavlovna Romanova, and was granted to Russian Entomological Society. In 1908 it was delivered to Zoological Museum of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg.

  • Author abbreviations: Eversm. as botanist, Eversmann as zoologist
  • Name in Russian: Эдуард Александрович Эверсман

Authored taxa[edit]

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(List may be incomplete)

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