Conrad L. Schoch

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Conrad L. Schoch   (C.L.Schoch)

Mycologist & lichenologist

Published author of :

Cylindrocladium canadense J.C.Kang, Crous & C.L.Schoch, 2001
Cylindrocladium insulare C.L.Schoch & Crous, 1999
Cylindrocladium mexicanum C.L.Schoch & Crous, 1999
Cylindrocladium pacificum J.C.Kang, Crous & C.L.Schoch, 2001
Cylindrocladium pauciramosum C.L.Schoch & Crous, 1999
Hypogymnia minilobata McCune & C.L.Schoch, 2009

Address in 2009: Spatafora Lab (Evolutionary Biology of Fungi)
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology,
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331-2902, U.S.A.

Selected publication[edit]

  • McCune, B; and Schoch, C. (2009) Hypogymnia minilobata (Parmeliaceae), a new lichen from coastal California. The Bryologist 112(1): 94–100.

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