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Athanasios Athanasiadis, phycologist.

Standard IPNI form: Athanas.

Taxon names authored

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  • Athanasiadis, A. 1987. A survey of the seaweeds of the Aegean Sea with taxonomic studies on species of the tribe Antithamnieae (Rhodophyta). pp. i–vii, [1]–174. Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg. Reference page
  • Athanasiadis, A. & Kraft, G.T. 1994. Description of Pterothamnion squarrulosum (Harvey) comb. nov. from south-eastern Australia and southern New Zealand, with a taxonomic re-assessment of the genera Pterothamnion, Platythamnion and Glandothamnus (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta). European Journal of Phycology 29: 119–133, 27 figs, 1 table.
  • Athanasiadis, A. 1996. Morphology and classification of the Ceramioideae (Rhodophyta) based on phylogenetic principles. Opera Botanica 128: 1–216. Reference page
  • Athanasiadis, A. 1996. Taxonomisk litteratur och biogeografi av Skandinaviska rödalger och brunalger. pp. 1–280. Göteborg: Algologia. Reference page
  • Athanasiadis, A. 1998. Crouanophycus Athanasiadis, nom. nov. (Crouaniella Athanasiadis 1996, nom. illeg.), a new genus of the Crouanieae (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta). Nova Hedwigia 67: 517–518. Reference page
  • Athanasiadis, A., Ballantine, D.L. & Ruiz, H. 2013. Hydrolithon abyssophila sp. nov. (Hydrolithoideae, Corallinales), a bisporic coralline from the insular shelf edge of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (US). Botanica Marina 56(5/6): 495–505, 17 figs, 1 table. doi: 10.1515/bot-2013-0019 Reference page
  • Athanasiadis, A. & Ballantine, D.L. 2014. The genera Melyvonnea gen. nov. and Mesophyllum s.s. (Melobesioideae, Corallinales, Rhodophyta) particularly from the central Atlantic Ocean. Nordic Journal of Botany 35: 385–436.
  • Athanasiadis, A. 2016. Phycologia Europaea Rhodophyta Vol. I. pp. [i]–xxxxviii, 1–762. Thessaloniki: Published and distributed by the author. Reference page
  • Athanasiadis, A. 2016. Phycologia Europaea Rhodophyta Vol. II. pp. [2], 763–1504. Thessaloniki: Published and distributed by the author. Reference page
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