Amy Y. Rossman

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Amy Y. Rossman   (1946- )   (Rossman)

U.S. Mycologist

Lichen author:

Absconditella duplicella (Nyl.) Rossman, 1979
Cryptodiscus rutilus (Kirschst.) Rossman, 1979

Research Leader
Systematic Mycology and Microbiology Laboratory
The Henry A. Wallace, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
U.S. Department of Agriculture
10300 Baltimore Ave., Beltsville, MD 20705

Significant publications[edit]

  • Rossman, A.Y. 1987: The Tubeufiaceae and similar loculoascomycetes.Mycological Papers 157: 1–71. (PDF file)
  • Rossman, A.Y.; Seifert, K.A.; Samuels, G.J.; Minnis, A.M.; Schroers, H.-J.; Lombard, L.; Crous, P.W.; Põldmaa, K.; Cannon, P.F.; Summerbell, R.C.; Geiser, D.M.; Zhuang, W-y.; Hirooka, Y.; Herrera, C.; Salgado-Salazar, C. and Chaverri, P. 2013: Genera in Bionectriaceae, Hypocreaceae, and Nectriaceae (Hypocreales) proposed for acceptance or rejection. IMA Fungus 4 (1): 41–51. (Article)   (doi: 10.5598/imafungus.2013.04.01.05)