Anton Kerner von Marilaun

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Anton Joseph Kerner von Marilaun

Anton Kerner von Marilaun or Anton Joseph Kerner (1831–1898), Austrian botanist.

IPNI standard form: A.Kern.

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  • Das Pflanzenleben der Donauländer (The Background of Plant Ecology, translated by Henry S. Conard, 1951), Innsbruck, 1863. This book established his reputation and reports on his botanical explorations in Hungary.
  • Die Kultur der Alpenflanzen, 1864. On the culture of alpine plants.
  • Die botanischen Gärten, 1874. A sketch of a model botanical garden.
  • Vegetationsverhältnisse des mittlern und östlichen Ungarn und Siebenbürgen, Innsbruck, 1875.
  • Kerner, A. 1882. Schedae ad floram exsiccatam Austro-Hungaricum a Museuo botanico Universitatis Vindobonensis anno 1881 editam. fasc. II 8. Botanisches Centralblatt 10: 360–362. BHL Reference page
  • Anton Kerner von Marilaun. 1895-1896. The natural history of plants, their forms, growth, reproduction, and distribution', trans. FW Oliver et al. from Pflanzenleben, 1890-1891. Holt, New York. Page 4: 603 [1] [accessed 5 February 2014]; archieved [2]
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