Joel Asaph Allen

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Joel Asaph Allen

Joel Asaph Allen (July 19, 1838 – August 29, 1921), American zoologist and ornithologist.

Author abbreviation: Allen

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  • J.A. Allen: On the coatis (genus Nasua, Storr). Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey 5: 153–174 (1879).


  • J.A. Allen: History of North American pinnipeds: A monograph of the walruses, seal-lions, sea-bears and seals of North America. United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, Miscellaneous Publication 12: 1–785 (1880).


  • J.A. Allen: Sciuridae. Pp. 631-939, in Monographs of North American Rodentiae (E. Coues and J.A. Allen, co-authors). United States Geological Survey of the Territories 11: 1–1091 (1887).



  • J.A. Allen: A synopsis of the pinnipeds, or seals and walruses, in relation to their commercial history and products, Pp. 367-391, in Fur seal arbitration, appendix to the case of the United States before the tribunal of arbitration to convene at Paris. United States Government Printing Office, Washington D.C. 1: 606 pp. (1892).



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