Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

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Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck (01 август 1744 – 18 декабрь 1829), French botanist zoologist.

  • professor of invertebrate zoology, however that term did not then yet exist. At the end of his studies he gave the first clear distinction between invertebrates and vertebrates, and presented one of the most significant concepts in natural history: "all animals are connected in a series from the lowest to the highest, the latter of which is man" [Damkaer]. He was one of the earliest evolutionary theorists, claiming that responses to environmental demands acquired during one's lifetime could be passed directly to one's offspring. (A theory often named "heritability of acquired characteristics", "soft inheritance", or Lamarckism. It is now a discredited mechanism for evolutionary change.)
  • IPNI standard form: Lam.

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