George Edward Dobson

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George Edward Dobson (September 4, 1848 – November 26, 1895), Irish zoologist, photographer and army surgeon. Dobson was a member of Fellows of the Linnean Society of London, Fellows of the Royal Society (elected 1883), and Fellows of the Zoological Society of London.

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  • Dobson, G.E. 1876. Monograph of the Asiatic Chiroptera, and Catalogue of the Species of Bats in the Collection of the Indian Museum, Calcutta. Order of Trustees of the Indian Museum: London. 228 pp. Reference page
  • Dobson, G.E. 1878. Catalogue of the Chiroptera in the Collection of the British Museum. British Museum of Natural History: London. xxxvi + 567 pp. BHL Reference page


  • Dobson, G.E. 1882–1890. A Monograph of the Insectivora, systematic and anatomical

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