Friedrich Weber

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Friedrich Weber

Friedrich Weber (1781–1823), German physician, botanist and entomologist, son of Georg Heinrich Weber.

IPNI standard form: F.Weber

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  • Weber, F. 1795. Nomenclator entomologicus secundum Entomologiam Systematicam ill. Fabricii adjectis speciebus recens detectis et varietatibus. Carolum Ernestum Bohn, Chilonii et Hamburgi [= Kiel & Hamburg]. viii + 171 + [1] pp. [available work: ICZN 1956. Opinion 17, Direction 32] BHL Reference page


  • Weber, F. 1801. Observationes entomologicae, continentes novorum quae condidit generum characteres, et nuper detectarum specierum descriptiones. Impensis Bibliopolii Academici Novi, Kiliae. xii + 116 pp. BHL Reference page




  • ICZN 1956. Direction 32. Addition to the "Official List of Works approved as available for Zoological Nomenclature" of the titles of certain works dealt with in "Opinions" rendered in the period up to the end of 1936 and to the "Official Index of Rejected and Invalid Works in Zoological Nomenclature" of certain works similarly dealt with in the same period and matters incidental thereto. Opinions and Declarations Rendered by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature 1 (Section C): 307–328. BHL.
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