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Yoshiaki Hashimoto, Japanese Entomologist

  • University of Hyogo - Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo, Japan.
  • E-mail: aenictus@mac.com

Taxon names authored

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  • Hashimoto, Y. 1991. Phylogenetic study of the family Formicidae based on the sensillum structures on the antennae and labial palpi (Hymenoptera, Aculeata). Japanese Journal of Entomology, 59(1): 125–140.
  • Hashimoto, Y. 1991. Phylogenetic implications of the spur structures of the hind tibia in the Formicidae (Hymenoptera). Japanese Journal of Entomology, 59(2): 289–294.
  • Hashimoto, Y. 1992. Unique sensillum structure of the formicid labial palpi (Hymenoptera). Humans and Nature 1: 57–62.
  • Hashimoto, Y. 1996. Skeletomuscular modifications associated with the formation of an additional petiole on the anterior abdominal segments in aculeate Hymenoptera. Japanese Journal of Entomology, 64(2): 340–356.
  • Hashimoto, Y. 1996. Unique features of sensilla on the antennae of Formicidae (Hymenoptera). Applied Entomology and Zoology, 25(4): 491–501.
  • Terayama, M. & Y. Hashimoto. 1996. Taxonomic studies of the Japanese Formcidae, part 1. Introduction to this series and descriptions of four new species of the genera Hypoponera, Formica and Acropyga. Nature and Human Activities, 1: 1–8.
  • Yamane, S. & Y. Hashimoto. 1999. A remarkable new species of the army ant genus Aenictus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) with polymorphic worker caste. Tropics, 8(4): 427–432.
  • Yamasaki, T., Hashimoto, Y., Endo, T., Hyodo, F. & Itioka, T. 2016. A new species of the genus Castoponera (Araneae, Corinnidae) from Sarawak, Borneo, with comparison to a related species. ZooKeys 596: 13-25. DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.596.8525. Reference page
  • Eguchi, K., Y. Hashimoto & A.K.F. Malsch. 2006. Pheidole schoedli sp.n. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), a subterranean species found from North Borneo. Myrmecologische Nachrichten, 8: 31–34.





Yamasaki et al., 2018a




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