William Blaxland Benham

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William Blaxland Benham

William Blaxland Benham (1860–1950), British oligo- and polychaetologist. Also active in New Zealand (1898–1936).

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  • Benham, W.B. 1896. The Archiannelida, Polychaeta, Myzostomaria. pp. 241–344. In: Harmer, S.F. & Shipley, A.E. eds.: The Cambridge Natural History. Vol. 2. England, MacMillan and Co. BHL Reference page


  • Benham, W.B. 1916. Report on the Polychaeta obtained by the F.I.S. "Endeavour" on the coasts of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Part II. Fisheries: Biological Results of the Fishing Experiments carried on by the F.I.S. "Endeavour", 1909-14. H.C. Dannevig. Sydney. 4(2): 127-162, plates XLVI-XLVIII. BHL Reference page
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