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学名:给出双名法命名及命名者。例如Meles meles Linnaeus, 1758。

REFERENCES: Give the publication in which the original description of the species was presented. To find this, try these sites:

VERNACULAR NAMES: Give names of the species in other languages (see Help for instructions) as well as links to articles on this species in the particular Wikipedia, for example: [[en:Badger]] (links to the English Wikipedia on badgers), [[de:Dachs]] (links to the German Wikipedia article on badgers).





What will Wikispecies become eventually? As said before, this will widely depend on the users of this resource and on the will to share knowledge. Right now, there is an enormous pool of information online, which can be found on a variety of websites. One of these is, which is something like an official resource. Another very good source is Most other sources are protected by copyrights, often not very user-friendly, or limited to a select group of species.

This is very similar to the situation on general encyclopedias before 2001. Then, Wikipedia was released and became an instant success. Wikipedia has proved that the concept of self-administered information can work excellently. There is no reason to believe that Wikispecies should not become a valuable source of information.

Depending on the user's interests, the contributed content could make Wikispecies the largest archive of open-access pictures on British wildlife; a determination key for all European marine organisms; a teaching tool for middle school teachers; an archive of local vernacular names of herbs; a collection of weblinks to resources on corals; a reference for passionate herpetologists who want to learn about their pets; or simply an unlimited and expandable forum for all those who share a passionate interest in the life forms of this planet.

What Wikispecies becomes is up to you. We provide you with the technology; you add the content you want to see.

Let Wikispecies evolve!