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31 July[edit]

30 July[edit]

29 July[edit]

28 July[edit]

27 July[edit]

24 July[edit]

23 July[edit]

22 July[edit]

21 July[edit]

16 July[edit]

14 July[edit]

10 July[edit]

9 July[edit]

8 July[edit]

7 July[edit]

Raymond de deleted Image:Archaeopteryx.jpg: the license does not permit commercial use; Used in: Archaeopteryx lithographica (local image page) Could not find replacement

4 July[edit]

2 July[edit]

Samulili deleted Image:Lion_snarling.jpg: Conditions Inform the photographer before any use of this image.; Used in: Animalia, Carnivora, Chordata, Deuterostomia, Eumetazoa, Eutheria, Felidae, Fissipedia, Laurasiatheria, Mammalia, Panthera, Panthera leo, Pantherinae, Placentalia, Theria, Vertebrata, 动物界, 動物界, 脊椎动物亚门 (local image page) Replaced with Image:Lion in Kenya.jpg

1 July[edit]