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Please note: this is a prototype page for hosting summary information on recently added taxa to my sister project, IRMNG - see and - of potential interest to Wikispecies.

Introduction and methodology[edit]

Latest ION names batch[edit]

The majority of names presently (March 2019 onwards) being added to IRMNG come from an updated (November 2018) dump (covering ION IDs 5194197-) of the ION database , (the successor to previous dumps made for me in 2012 and 2014: names up to ION ID 5194196) which contains zoological names only (Animalia and Protozoa, plus some Chromista), as extracted by Rod Page (Glasgow) for use in his "BioNames" project . From this dump I extract newly added (ION ID higher than the maximum value in previous dumps) uninomial names (plus subgenera), i.e. taxa higher than species, where the "original publication" field is not null, i.e. excluding secondary publications where the name is not new. I then check the name against IRMNG to see if I already have it via another source; if not, a new IRMNG record is created, including a link back to ION using the supplied ION ID, and a link to the equivalent BioNames record as well (these can be useful since there may be child records or other bibliographic information in these systems which I do not presently concern myself with for IRMNG).

For each name in the latest batch of IRMNG additions originating from ION, I check the authorship against other sources - e.g. ION drops diacritical marks in author names, and uses "short form" not "long form" authorships, or occasionally simply gets the author citation wrong with some complex surnames, as per these examples:

  • ION cited author: Francke, Teruel & Santibanez-Lopez 2014 / amended authorship as verified from the original: Francke, Teruel & Santibáñez-Lopez, 2014
  • ION cited author: Gloeer, Boeters & Pesic 2014 / amended authorship as verified from the original: Glöer, Boeters & Pešić, 2014
  • ION cited author: Gagne 2014 / amended authorship as verified from the original: Gagné in Gagné & Graney, 2014

I also verify the cited work title and authorship (ION gives the title but not the authorship of the work, and again drops diacritics or sometimes has titles all in uppercase) and re-format as per the IRMNG (=WoRMS) standard atomised form with separate fields for author, title, pubication name and suffix, also DOI as available - which ION does not include but Rod Page's dump does in many (but not all) cases.

I also need to establish the rank of the name - not all uninomials are genera, some are tribes, subtribes, clade names as well as families, subfamilies and higher taxa. If the name is a new higher rank name of the "Linnean ranks" i.e. kingdom, phylum, class, order, family I will generally add it (also selected intervening ranks above family) and also reorganise any contained taxa as needed if the system is one I deem worth following in IRMNG (not always the case). With the exception of new subgenera - which are treated as unaccepted genus names at this time - new names are entered as "accepted" by default, however my be changed to "unacccepted" on the basis of later work e.g. where a new name is found to be a homonym or otherwise invalidly published, or is subsequently synonymised in another work.

Finally I establish the taxonomic placement of the name - ION gives family in perhaps 50% of cases - mostly but not always correct - and the balance must be checked against the original work or elsewhere to determine where to place the name in the IRMNG classification. Family is normal (or higher taxon incertae sedis), however a range of temporary higher taxa are available, or can be created, such as "Mammalia (awaiting allocation)" - however these are very rarely used for new names these days, only for ones where I have drawn a blank in establishing where exactly a name should be placed.

New names entered - families and above (post 1 March 2019)[edit]

(Names entered prior to this date are all contained in the March 2019 "snapshot"/IRMNG data dump, accessible via All names and associated publication info. etc., are also accessible online, via the regular IRMNG standard and "advanced" search interfaces at .

  • Use this link to generate the current (live) list of additions since 1 March.

New names entered - genus rank (post 1 March 2019)[edit]

(includes names created as subgenera in zoology only, since these are deemed to also exist at genus level owing to the "principle of coordination").

  • Use this link to generate the current list (live) of additions since 1 March.

Progress of name additions[edit]

The latest (November 2018) dump of "new" names from ION contains 6,889 uninomials (plus subgenera as "xxx (yyy)", transformed to uninomial = yyy with a relevant note), of which a subset (perhaps 500 or so) are probably already held in IRMNG. Most of these names (6,300 +/-) cover the publication years 2007 onwards. Apart from an initial attempt of adding a small number of names alphabetically, I have gone through and added most/all of the new higher taxa, with any flow-on restructuring as needed, then am going through the new genera/subgenera by year of publication - e.g. 2007, 2008, etc. - and within each, alphabetically by author name. Owing to around 6 months latency in the ION system, 2018 will be incomplete (and to a degree, 2017 and 2016 and even 2015 as well) however there are plenty of names on the list to keep me busy (!) - 780 from 2014 at all ranks (other 2014 names were in an earlier dump already processed), 2,200 from 2015, 1,700 from 2016, 1,100 from 2017 and a mere 120 from 2018.

As at 7 July 2019 I am around 20% through the list and have reached year=2014, author starts with "G". I will see how far time and enthusiasm permits to do some or all of the remainder...

Other changes[edit]

As well as new names added, existing records may be changed in some way e.g. different parent, taxonomic status, habitat or fossil status, adjusted cited authority, etc.; such changes are recorded in the record history within the system but are not included in the "new names" lists above. (Names can also be deleted from the list - but not from the system - if, for example, they are discovered to be duplicates, or malformed entries / other names no longer required). They can be searched for, to a degree, via the IRMNG "advanced search" interface, or via a custom request in some cases; another way to detect these would be to run a "difference" report between any static version of the IRMNG data dump and its predecessor.