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Annotated Checklist of New Zealand Chrysomelidae[edit]

by Stephen Thorpe (User:Stho002)

Most recent update by: Stho002 03:46, 26 January 2011 (UTC)

  • NOTE: several specimens of an unidentified and probably adventive galerucine, possibly belonging to the genus Calomicrus, have recently been collected near Mangawhai Heads (AK)

Key: A adventive, A-CB released for biological control of weeds, * endemic genus, ? establishment looking likely but not yet certain

Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say, 1831) A
Adoxia aenea Broun, 1880*
Adoxia aenescens (Sharp, 1886)
Adoxia angularia (Broun, 1909)
Adoxia anthracina (Broun, 1914)
Adoxia asperella (Broun, 1909)
Adoxia atripennis (Broun, 1913)
Adoxia attenuata Broun, 1880
Adoxia aurella (Broun, 1914)
Adoxia axyrocharis (Broun, 1909)
Adoxia brevicollis (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia bullata (Broun, 1914)
Adoxia calcarata (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia cheesemani (Broun, 1910)
Adoxia cyanescens (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia dilatata (Broun, 1914)
Adoxia dilucida (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia dilutipes (Broun, 1915)
Adoxia discrepans (Broun, 1914)
Adoxia diversa (Broun, 1910)
Adoxia foveigera (Broun, 1913)
Adoxia fuscata (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia fuscifrons (Broun, 1910)
Adoxia gracilipes (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia halli (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia insolita (Broun, 1914)
Adoxia iridescens (Broun, 1914)
Adoxia lewisi (Broun, 1909)
Adoxia mediocris (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia minor (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia mollis (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia monticola (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia nigricans Broun, 1880
Adoxia nigricornis (Sharp, 1886)
Adoxia nitidicollis Broun, 1880
Adoxia nodicollis (Broun, 1915)
Adoxia obscura (Broun, 1910)
Adoxia oconnori (Broun, 1913)
Adoxia oleareae Broun, 1893)
Adoxia palialis (Broun, 1909)
Adoxia perplexa (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia princeps (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia pubicollis (Broun, 1915)
Adoxia puncticollis (Sharp, 1886)
Adoxia pygidialis (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia quadricollis (Broun, 1917)
Adoxia rectipes (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia rugicollis (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia scutellaris (Broun, 1909)
Adoxia simmondsi (Broun, 1913)
Adoxia sordida (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia sulcifer (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia thoracica Broun, 1880
Adoxia truncata (Broun, 1893)
Adoxia viridis Broun, 1880
Adoxia vulgaris Broun, 1880
Adoxia xenoscelis (Broun, 1917)
Agasicles hygrophila Selman & Vogt, 1971 A-CB
Alema paradoxa Sharp, 1876*
Alema spatiosa Broun, 1880
Allastena eminens Broun, 1917*
Allastena nitida Broun, 1893
Allastena piliventris Broun, 1915
Allastena quadrata Broun, 1893
Allocharis fuscipes Broun, 1917*
Allocharis limbata Broun, 1893
Allocharis marginata Sharp, 1882
Allocharis media Broun, 1917
Allocharis morosa Broun, 1893
Allocharis picticornis Broun, 1917
Allocharis praestans Broun, 1917
Allocharis nigricollis Broun, 1917
Allocharis robusta Broun, 1917
Allocharis subsulcata Broun, 1917
Allocharis tarsalis Broun, 1917
Aphilon convexum Broun, 1893*
Aphilon enigma Sharp, 1876
Aphilon impressum Broun, 1914
Aphilon laticolle Broun, 1893
Aphilon latulum Broun, 1893
Aphilon minutum Broun, 1880
Aphilon monstrosum Broun, 1886
Aphilon praestans Broun, 1893
Aphilon pretiosum Broun, 1880
Aphilon punctatum Broun, 1880
Aphilon scutellare Broun, 1893
Aphilon sobrinum Broun, 1886
Aphilon sternale Broun, 1921
Aporocera melanocephala (Saunders, 1843) A
Arnomus brouni Sharp, 1876*
Arnomus curtipes Broun, 1893
Arnomus fulvus Broun, 1915
Arnomus marginalis Broun, 1893
Arnomus signatus Broun, 1909
Arnomus vicinus Broun, 1915
Arnomus viridicollis Broun, 1909
Atrichatus aeneicollis Broun, 1895*
Atrichatus ochraceus (Broun, 1880)
Bruchidius villosus (Fabricius, 1792) A-CB
Bryobates aeratus Broun, 1914*
Bryobates coniformis Broun, 1886
Bryobates nigricans Broun, 1914
Bryobates rugidorsis Broun, 1917
Caccomolpus amplus Broun, 1921*
Caccomolpus cinctiger Broun, 1921
Caccomolpus flectipes Broun, 1914
Caccomolpus fuscicornis Broun, 1917
Caccomolpus globosus Sharp, 1886
Caccomolpus hallianus Broun, 1917
Caccomolpus maculatus Broun, 1893
Caccomolpus montanus Broun, 1921
Caccomolpus nigristernis Broun, 1917
Caccomolpus ornatus Broun, 1910
Caccomolpus plagiatus Sharp, 1886
Caccomolpus pullatus Broun, 1893
Caccomolpus subcupreus Broun, 1921
Caccomolpus substriatus Broun, 1917
Caccomolpus tibialis Broun, 1917
Caccomolpus viridescens Broun, 1917
?Cassida rubiginosa Müller, 1776 A-CB
Chaetocnema aotearoa Samuelson, 1973
Chaetocnema graminicola (Broun, 1893)
Chaetocnema littoralis (Broun, 1893)
Chaetocnema moriori Samuelson, 1973
Chaetocnema nitida (Broun, 1880)
Chaetocnema paspalae (Broun, 1923) A
Chalcolampra speculifera Sharp, 1882
Chrysolina hyperici (Förster, 1771) A-CB
Chrysolina quadrigemina (Suffrian, 1851) A-CB
Cyrtonogetus crassus Broun, 1915*
Diachus auratus (Fabricius, 1801) A
Dicranosterna semipunctata (Chapuis, 1877) A
Eucolaspis antennata Shaw, 1957
Eucolaspis brunnea (Fabricius, 1792)
Eucolaspis colorata Broun, 1893
Eucolaspis hudsoni Shaw, 1957
Eucolaspis jucunda (Broun, 1880)
Eucolaspis pallidipennis (White, 1846)
Eucolaspis picticornis Broun, 1893
?Gonioctena olivacea (Förster, 1771) A-CB
Lema cyanella (Linnaeus, 1758) A-CB
Lochmaea suturalis (Thomson, 1866) A-CB
Longitarsus fuliginosus (Broun, 1880) A
Longitarsus jacobaeae (Waterhouse, 1858) A-CB
Paropsis charybdis Stål, 1860 A
Peltoschema sp. A
Peniticus antiquus Sharp, 1876*
Peniticus plicatus Broun, 1921
Peniticus robustus Broun, 1880
Peniticus suffusus Sharp, 1876
Peniticus wallacei Broun, 1910
Phyllotreta undulata (Kutschera, 1860) A
Pilacolaspis angulatus Broun, 1913*
Pilacolaspis huttoni (Broun, 1880)
Pilacolaspis latipennis Broun, 1913
Pilacolaspis rugiventris Broun, 1914
Pilacolaspis wakefieldi Sharp, 1886
Pleuraltica cyanea (Broun, 1880)
Psylliodes brettinghami Baly, 1862 A
Trachymela catenata (Chapuis, 1877) A
Trachymela sloanei (Blackburn, 1897) A
Trachytetra robusta Broun, 1923
Trachytetra rugulosa (Broun, 1880)


  • The family is in need of revision. There is possibly extensive unpublished synonymy and possibly many undescribed species. There is at least one new genus to be described, possibly two or three. No accurate estimate of the actual New Zealand biodiversity is possible at present.
  • Altica carduorum and Disonycha argentinensis were released for biological control of weeds, but both failed to establish.
  • Aporocera melanocephala has been referred to by the name Ochrosopsis subfasciata in the N.Z. literature (e.g. Kuschel, 1990).
  • There is insufficient evidence for the establishment of frequently intercepted species of Bruchus and Callosobruchus, so I exclude these two genera from the fauna.
  • Chalcolampra speculifera is often listed in the monotypic genus Eualema
  • Crosby & Larochelle (1994) listed Chrysomela with the implication that the genus is present in New Zealand. I can find no evidence for its presence in this country, and I suspect that the record was in error for Chrysolina, which wasn't listed by them, but which is present in New Zealand.
  • Reid & Leschen (2004) listed Chrysophtharta as being represented in New Zealand with one adventive species. I can find no evidence for this, and I suspect the record is in error.
  • Diachus auratus was reported from New Zealand by Morrison (2006: 34), based on specimens collected by me in the Auckland area. It is well established (pers. obs.)
  • The genus Eucolaspis has a couple of described species from Fiji
  • Peltoschema sp. has been referred to by the name Pyrgoides sp. in the N.Z. literature (e.g. Kuschel, 1990).
  • Peltoschema suturalis was reported from New Zealand by Bejakovich (2001) and Frampton (2001), but is thought to be no longer established (Bejakovich, 2001), so I exclude it from the fauna.
  • Scaphodius compactus was described from New Zealand, but is in fact an Australian species of Ditropidus (Reid & Leschen, 2004). There is insufficient evidence to suggest that it is present in New Zealand, so I exclude it from the fauna. It has recently been formally transferred to Ditropidus by Schöller (2009).
  • Planned releases for biological control of weeds include Lema basicostata, Neolema abbreviata, and Neolema ogloblini (approved for release - Anon., 2009: 1).


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