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From David Stang, sponsor of I have added line breaks for improved viewing

fra  David Stang <>    skjul detaljer  15.15 (5 timer siden)  
 til  Kim Hansen <>   
 dato  20/12/2007 15.15   
 emne  RE: Is it allowed to link directly to species pages on zipcode zoo, and has zipcodezoo a preferred way citation to it cite should look like   

Hi, Kim,

Thank you very much for writing, and for your positive feelings about ZipcodeZoo. 
I have substantial respect for Wikipedia, and have long thought that one day we 
should pool our efforts. Our pages allow for user editing too, though I edit all 
edits before they are posted.

It is clear that your message is not an official request from your project. But my 
reply is an official reply from and the BayScience Foundation, Inc.

You are correct that there are no “terms and conditions and guidelines for how to 
reference ZipcodeZoo pages.” 

Yes, you may link directly to ZipcodeZoo pages, without restriction. 

I have no preferred format for the link, though I would change “ZipZooCode” to 
“” in the one at  
In the event that Wikipedia draws specific information from a ZipcodeZoo page, 
then the reference should probably include the date this took place, simply because 
our information may be subsequently revised.

More robust linkage is difficult, and something we should explore.  

You may reference any taxon from genus up with the syntax[tax]_[taxlevel].asp, 
where [tax] is the epithet, such as “Animalia” 
and [taxlevel] is the taxonomic level of this epithet, such as “Kingdom”.  
So an overview of Animalia may be found at 
Links are not case sensitive.  You will see that such pages draw heavily from Wikipedia.
As long as a species name is an accepted name, according to Species 2000, its page will remain. 
So the syntax for such a page can be inferred from its binomial or trinomial name, and will generally take the format:  
http://[K]/[F]/Genus_species_subspecies_[var. variety]_[x hybrid]_[‘cultivar’].asp 
where [K] is the Kingdom name, except for Plantae=Plants and Animalia=Animals and 
where [F] is the first letter of the genus. 
Links are not case sensitive.  

...snippet removed by user:Slaunger, which related to another unrelated issue...

Thank you for writing. I look forward to this collaboration.


David Stang, Ph.D.,

Director, the BayScience Foundation, Inc.


9012 Seven Locks Road, Bethesda MD 20817