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Brief overview:

  • MonoBot is a pywikipediabot that autogenerators articles. If any article is listed in the [[ ]] format it will search ITIS and create that page (if the data on ITIS exists). This explains the first line: :'''Admins''': ''Pleases look at the [<!-- -->[User:MonoBot/Instruction]<!-- -->] page before adding any pages here'' . The bot won't match the crazy [ [ with the hidden comments.
  • Only add articles that are Species. Do not add sub-species, etc. At this time the bot only parses down to the Species :| .
  • The bot does not have an on and off switch on the wiki. Block it if it's creating malformed pages.
  • Let me know if you'd like any more features. I'm currently working on a bunch but I can always add reasonable requests :).
  • For some reason the bot doesn't always create the given articles. I'm not sure why, but I'm working on getting it fixed. Make sure the species in on ITIS, too.