Timothy B. Wheeler

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Timothy B. Wheeler (Tim Wheeler) (T.B.Wheeler)


Address in 2009:

6606 Jocko Canyon Road, Arlee, Montana 59821, U.S.A.

Published author of:

Pertusaria diluta Björk, G.Thor & T.B.Wheeler, 2009
Schaereria brunnea Björk, T.Sprib. & T.B.Wheeler, 2009

Selected publication[edit]

  • Spribille, T.; Björk, C.R.; Ekman, S.; Elix, J.A.; Goward, T.; Printzen, C.; Tønsberg, T. and Wheeler, T. (2009) Contributions to an epiphytic lichen flora of northwest North America: I. Eight new species from British Columbia inland rain forests. The Bryologist 112(1): 109–137. [1]

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