Thomas Rupert Jones

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Thomas Rupert Jones

Thomas Rupert Jones (1819–1911), British geologist and paleontologist

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  • Jones T.R., 1849. A Monograph of the Entomostraca of the Cretaceous Formation of England. Annual Volumes (Monographs) of the Palaeontographical Society 3(1): 1–40, 7 plates. BHL


  • Jones T.R., 1850. Description of the Entomostraca of the Pleistocene Beds of Newbury, Copford, Clacton, and Grays. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, series 2, 6(31): 25–28.


  • Jones T.R., 1856. Notes on the Entomostraca (Entomostraca of the Osborne and Hampstead series). Mem. geol. Surv. Great Britain, 10, pages 157–158.


  • Jones T.R., 1857. A monograph of the Tertiary Entomostraca of England. Monographs of the Palaeontographical Society, 9 (1856): 1–68, 6 plates.


  • Jones T.R., 1901. I. on some Carboniferous Shale from Siberia. Geological Magazine.
  • Chapman F., Jones T.R. & Bather F.A., 1901. XVIII. On some fossils of Wenlock age from Mulde, near Klinteberg, Gotland. Journal of Natural History, Taylor & Francis.
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