Thaddeus William Harris

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Thaddeus William Harris

Thaddeus William Harris (1795–1856), U.S. entomologist.

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  • Harris, T.W. 1827. Doct’r Hunt’s insect. New England Farmer 5(27): 211.



  • Harris, T.W. 1833. VIII. Insects. In: Part IV. Catalogues of animals and plants. In: Hitchcock, E. 1833: Report on the geology, mineralogy, botany, and zoology of Massachusetts. Made and published by order of the government of that state: in four parts: part I. Economical geology. part II. Topographical geology. part III. Scientific geology. part IV. Catalogues of animals and plants. With a descriptive list of the specimens of rocks and minerals collected for the government. Illustrated by numerous wood cuts and an atlas of plates. Amherst, Press of J. S. and C. Adams : XII + 1–700: 566–595.


  • Harris, T.W. 1841. A report on the insects of Massachusetts, injurious to vegetation. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Folsom, Wells, and Thurston: viii + 459 pp.


Taxon names authored

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  • Elliott, C.A. 2008. Thaddeus William Harris (1795–1856): nature, science, and society in the life of an American naturalist. Bethlehem: Lehigh University Press, 294 pp.
  • Hagan, H.A. 1881. List of papers of Dr. T. W. Harris, not mentioned in the list of his writings in the "Entomological Correspondence." Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History 21 (January 26): 150–152.
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