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Please note that this template is since long deprecated and should never be used on Wikispecies.
It is mainly only kept for compatibility with data copied from Wikipedia.

Please instead use the format favoured on the Help:Contents pages, particularly in the Help:Taxonavigation section, Help:Name section, and Help:Reference section (in that order). Thank you.

The {{Taxobox}} template currently supports the following parameters:

| image = link to image
| taxonav = higher taxon with connection to taxonav template
| genus = Genus name
| subgenus = Subgenus name
| species = Species name
| subspecies = Subspecies name
| synonym = Name of synonym, if the current page ist not for a valid taxon name
| subtaxa = List of subtaxa
| author = Author name as it appears after the taxon name
| fullauthor = Full name od author as it is used on the author page
| year = Year of description
| source = Source of description [see also the following fieldas als alternative]
| sauthor = Author of original publication, if different from the taxon author
| spage = Page number in original description
| slink = Link to original description
| slinks = Link category, used to shorten the link
| gender = Gender of name (only for genera)
| oc = Original combination
| oc = Original status
| comb = combination
| autcomb = Author of combination
| type = Type species for genera or type data for species
| fixation = Fixation of the type species
| loctyp = Locus typicus
| synonyms = List of synonyms
| ref = List of references
| links = List of Links
| ZooBankID = ID of name in Zoobank
| autsyn = Authority for synonymy

Examples of pages which make use of this template are Rhynchites, Lixomorphus algirus and its synonym Curculio ocularis.