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Species of the month[edit]

Argali (Mountain Sheep)[edit]

Ovis ammon

Ovis ammon

Some facts about this wild sheep:

Head and Body Length: 120–190 cm.
Shoulder Height: 90–115 cm.
Weight: 60–190 kg.
Range: Central Asia.
Habitat: Rocky outcrops, foothills, valleys and steppes.
Remaining number in the wild: Between 10,000 and 50,000.
First described: By Linnaeus at 1758.

Ovis ammon likes head-butting, and has the equipment for it-a pair of magnificent spiral horns. Battles occur in the mating season and the victorious male earns the right to mate first with more females. Mothers give birth to one lamb and take care for it until the next birthing season. The horns are prized by poachers, and the grazing lands by livestock owners, so this species is very much under siege.

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