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OdonataDB in the Odonata database.

A template for dragonfly taxa listed in the Odonata database.

Use as {{OdonataDB|1|2|3}}. Parameters:

  • 1st (mandatory): taxon identificator (the term 'cid' in a URL: like www.odonata.info/asp/page.asp?alias=odonata&view=odonata&id=i000033&cid=7271 for Aeshna).
  • 2nd (optional): a parameter for the taxon name:
    • by default with this param empty {{PAGENAME}} is used as taxon name
    • i value forces itacization of {{PAGENAME}}
    • other values are recognized as an explicit taxon name, like {{OdontaDB|7271|''Aeshna'' Fabricius, 1775}} for Aeshna: Aeshna Fabricius, 1775 in the Odonata database.
  • 3rd (optional): date of access