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The template can also be used for separate contributions of different authors within this publication. In this case use as {{Humboldt, Bonpland & Kunth, 1825|1|2|3|4|BHL=5}}

  • the first one (optional): author(s) of contribution.
  • the second one (optional): year of publication of contribution.
  • the third one (optional): title of contribution.
  • the fourth one (optional): page or range of pages of this contribution.
  • the fifth one (optional): number from URL of page at BHL, e.g. "7876" will produce a link to http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/7876

So for example, {{Humboldt, Bonpland & Kunth, 1825|{{aut|Kunth, C.S.}}|1825|Marcgraviaceae. Juss|216–219|BHL=7876}} will produce the following reference: