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  • FishBase species list in FishBase,
    Froese, R. & Pauly, D. (eds.) 2024. FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication, www.fishbase.org, version 02/2024.

A template for non-tetrapodan vertebrates (fishes in broad sense) mentioned in FishBase.

Use as

{{FishBase|1|2|3|4}} or {{FishBase|id=|name=|famid=|accessdate=}}.

  • the 1st (id) (mandatory for all ranks except genera):
    • for species and subspecies this is a species id, which is noted in a URL, e.g. 'www.fishbase.org/Summary/speciesSummary.php?id=24351&lang=english' for Devario acuticephala.
    • For families, subfamilies and orders you have to note a rank here: either family (or just fam), order (also ordo or ord), or subfamily (also subfam or sf).
    • If this param is empty a link for genus is constructed.
  • the 2nd (name) (optional): the name to be shown as taxon name in place of the default value (taken from page name).
    • For species you may use wiki-italics and bolds here and include author names.
    • For other ranks you shouldn't use wiki here or include any word other than taxon name. This parameter is mandatory for cases where the page name is not equal to the taxon name (like Liparis (Liparidae)).
  • the 3rd (famid): Mandatory for family links, highly recommended, but not mandatory, for subfamily links, unused for all other ranks. This is the family id number found in the URL of the species list for a family, e.g. 'www.fishbase.org/identification/SpeciesList.php?famcode=573' for Sebastidae and any of its subfamilies (subfamilies do not have separate id numbers and use the family id number of the family to which they belong here).
  • the 4th (accessdate) (optional): date of access

Note the double pipes (||) in the cases where parameters are not used.