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Nomenclatural acts

  • Date of publication: December 2014 (from volume cover)

New names (2)




An identification key to the adults of Radymna is presented. Radymna damascena (Joannis, 1865) is removed from synonymy with R. persica (Faldermann, 1837). R. latifrons n. sp., R. maculicollis n. sp. are described. Galerupipla brunnea Maulik, 1936 is conspecific with Galeruca turcica Stierlin, 1867. Based on large material it proved that there are no arguments to doubt the synonymy of Galeruca turcica and Galeruca persica. Galerupipla brunnea is thus a junior synonym of Radymna persica. Lectotype and paralectotypes are designated for Galeruca quadrimaculata Redtenbacher, 1850 and for Galeruca turcica Stierlin, 1867. Two new species are described: Radymna latifrons n.sp. from Iran and R. maculicollis n.sp. from Iran, Israel and Turkey.