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This is the APG circumscription of the family including the family Viscaceae (Arceuthobium, Dendrophthora, Ginalloa, Korthalsella, Notothixos, Phoradendron and Viscum). Recent moelcular studies have excluded Arjona and Quinchamalium to the family Misodendraceae. The genus Eremolepis is a synonym of Antidaphne.

The genera Arjona and Quinchamalium are excluded and now in Schoepfiaceae! The genus Anthobolus is now placed in Opiliaceae. The genera Austroamericium, Cladomyza, Elaphanthera may be synonymized with other genera in the family.

Note: This family has been circumscribed using evidenced presented on the the APW website (Stevens et al, 2011 onwards), however a number of genera are reported by The Plant List as unresolved.
However, see Nickrent et al. (2010) for an alternative circumscription. Andyboorman (talk) 15:42, 2 February 2019 (UTC)