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Associated organisms[edit]


Chyzeriidae larvae on an unidentified cave weta (Macropathinae) Chyzeriidae larvae on immature psocopteran Microtrombidiidae larvae on an unidentified spider Monoscutum titirangiense with Parasitengona larvae Parasitengona larvae on Archaeognatha Parasitengona larva on immature Myerslopiidae parasitengonan mite larva attached to head of Schedotrigona sp.


  • New Zealand


  • 'the Parasitengona is one of the most successful monophyletic lines of the Trombidiformes. With 15 superfamilies, over 60 families and 8000 species, it accounts for over half of all species of the Trombidiformes. The majority of the described species of the Parasitengona are highly specialized water mites (about 5000 species, mostly known from adults) and chiggers (over 2000 species of Trombiculidae and Leewenhoekiidae, mostly known from larvae parasitic on vertebrates)' (Zhang & Fan, 2007: 2)


  • Zhang, Z.-Q.; Fan, Q.-H. 2007: Allotanaupodidae, a new family of early derivative Parasitengona (Acari: Prostigmata). Zootaxa, 1517: 1–52. Abstract & excerpt