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- Whitley (1945) placed Milyeringa it in its own family, Milyeringidae.
- Mees (1962) subsequently synonymised Milyeringidae with Eleotridae.
- Hoese & Gill (1993) placed Milyeringa in the eleotrid subfamily Butinae.
- Thacker & Hardman (2005) placed Milyeringa in Odontobutidae based on an analysis of four mitochondrial genes, as did Thacker (2009), using the same four genes plus additional taxa. In the latter study Milyeringa flipped into a polytomy with Rhyacichthys and the odontobutids Odontobutis and Perccottus.
- Mooi & Gill (2008), presented a consensus tree in which Milyeringa forms a polytomy with the butine Hannoichthys and the rest of the gobioids above the odontobutids and rhyacichthyids.
- Chakrabarty (2010) recommended retaining the family name Milyeringidae for Milyeringa.
- Chakrabarty et al. (2012) presented Milyeringa as sister-group to the Eleotridae in a clade with Typhleotris, the very similar blind cave gudgeon from Madagascar.
- Larson et al. (2013) retained Milyeringa in Eleotridae until further evidence is acquired.