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The earliest use of the name Luxemburgieae seems to be by Planch., London J. Bot. 5: 593, 595 in 1846. However, he used the rank of "section". So, according to ICN Art. 37.6–7 the name is invalidly published. The next use of Luxemburgieae by Horan., Char. Ess. Fam.: 180 in 1847, referring to Planchon, at first view misses a rank-denoting term. Anyway, it is subordinate to "I. Ochnaceae", which according to the phrase "Tribus an familiae parvae 4" is meant to be a "tribus" of the family "Simabaceae". At the end of the introductory page II, we find the sentence "quapropter omne Regnum vegetabile ... ad 12 classes et quamlibet classim in ordines 4 diduximus, his familias 187 subordinavimus earumque subdivisionem conformem in tribus aliasque sectiones itidem tentavimus." This allows to conclude that Horaninow used the following sequence of ranks: classis–ordo–familia–tribus–sectio. Thus, Luxemburgieae Planch. ex Horan. is meant also to be a "section", which makes it invalidly published as well. Finally, Luxemburgieae Hook.f. in Benth. & Hook.f., Gen. Pl. 1(1): 317, 1862, clearly is marked by the correct rank-denoting term "tribus". --Franz Xaver (talk) 09:06, 21 February 2016 (UTC)