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The name Graphiini is a junior synonym of Leptocircini (see SMITH, C.R. & VANE-WRIGHT, R.I. 2001. A review of the afrotropical species of the genus Graphium (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera: Papilionidae). Bulletin of The Natural History Museum London (Entomology) 70: 503–718). A list of Leptocircini (and all swallowtail species) can be found on the Internet: HÄUSER, C.L., DE JONG, R., LAMAS, G., ROBBINS, R.K., SMITH, C.R. & VANE-WRIGHT, R.I. 2001. Papilionidae – Revised GloBIS/GART Species Checklist (2nd draft; last revised 28th July 2005), at

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