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Nomenclature of Jamides euchylas[edit]

Jamides euchylas Hubner, [1819] is the widely recognised name for this species. Hubner originated the name as a replacement for hylas (Cramer/Stoll) which was pre-occupied. However, Herbst, 1800, also created a replacement name for hylas (Cramer/Stoll) and so his action predates that of Hubner. Herbst's name is Jamides hylassus.

The only mentions of hylassus however, since 1800 appear to be Kirby, 1872 and 1877, and Swinhoe, 1916. The later euchylas was used by Fruhstorfer and subsequently by Tite in 1960, and by all subsequent authors. Despite this prevalent current usage, the ICZN is unlikely (G. Lamas, pers. comm.) to reverse the precedence to conserve the acceptance of euchylas.

Strictly according to ICZN, the correct name for this species is Jamides hylassus Herbst, 1800. I have created a page for Jamides hylassus, but it simply redirects here at present waiting follow-up action from a keen taxonomist somewhere. Accassidy (talk) 08:44, 23 September 2015 (UTC)

hylassus Herbst Text & Images[edit]

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